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Paco Erhard is the world’s comedy expert on Germany and the Germans. A comedian coveted for international corporate events, he has been called “one of the best cultural comedians in the world” by media and worked for clients as varied as BMW, UNESCO World Heritage, the World Taxpayers Association, and high-IQ club MENSA.

Paco’s show 5-Step Guide to Being German has been sold out at comedy festivals all over the world for 7 years, was nominated for the Fringe World Best Comedy Award in 2013 and won the 2018  Pick of the Fringe Award at Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Apart from Germany, Paco has lived in the USA, Italy, Spain, the UK, and Australia and 
is passionate about comedy that builds bridges between cultures and makes people from different backgrounds feel united in laughter. 

Whether you’re a German company looking for the perfect way to show international partners that we Germans do have a sense of humor
, a global company in need of an experienced MC who can lead through the evening in English, Spanish, and German, or – let’s be honest here – a non-German company who wants a German comedian for the pure novelty value… you’ve come to the right place.

All customized for you to make your event unforgettable.

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"I can make you German"

Paco Erhard is the world’s comedy expert on Germany and the Germans. His famous show 5-Step Guide to Being German is a mix of extensive research and deep belly laughs that has garnered critical acclaim and awards around the world.

“An extremely clever analysis of the modern German psyche” (Independent Daily, AUS) that “had the audience not just laughing but howling” (National Post, CAN), 
5-Step Guide to Being German is hilarious and insightful to international audiences and Germans alike.

Event guests have said things like: “Finally I get why my German colleagues are how they are” and “you’ve saved me and my 
German wife years of marriage counseling!”

It’s hard to remember dry facts from even the most well-intentioned intercultural seminar — but wrap fascinating knowledge in belly-laugh jokes… and people will never forget.

Available in a 30 or 60 minute format.  

Comedy & Hosting

“One of the best cultural comedians in the world”* and “a born performer”* who “will have you in stitches, whether you’re German or not”* — Paco Erhard is the preeminent German comedian performing around the world, from the USA to Australia, from the Germany to the UK, from Canada to Argentina to Malaysia, and even in exotic cultures like Bavaria.

As a host with 16 years experience – in English, German, and Spanish – he has been on stage in front of politicians, CEOs, MENSA, UNESCO, but also drunk, rowdy hooligans, crying babies, troublemakers and, er, Germans – he’s seen it all.

Stand-up Comedy and humour-infused hosting that bring people from different cultures together are his favourite thing and his specialty – and in it he is second to none.

*Sources: New Zealand Herald, The National Post (CAN) and Australian entertainment magazine Rip It Up

A German Comedian??!!

Yes yes, we know. “A German comedian?!?!? Never!!!! This I have to see!!!”

It’s the 21st century, we all know each other – yet for many around the globe, the idea of a German comedian can still only be conceived of as part of a freak show: “Prepare to be frightened! It’s the Bearded Lady… the Elephant Man… and beware: the German with a sense of humor!!!”

But hey, you all know and like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey, right? Hello!?!! Brits who can cook?!?!! Get outta here, then we get to have a funny 
German. It’s not like we can finish airports or build cars with low emissions anymore… We need to diversify!

But joking aside (for now), while your average corporate entertainment makes too many guests decide to turn in early, a German comedian is so unique and unheard of, your guests will be sure to stick around. And it’s  an experience they are going to remember forever.

So by all means: book the German comedian for the mere novelty value. We’re not offended. Just don’t expect him to wear lederhosen. Paco’s dignity ain’t for sale. And by that we mean: let’s talk about the price. 

About Paco Erhard

Don’t let his Spanish first name confuse you – Paco Erhard is as German as bockwurst. Just as European and international a German as you are likely to find.

Born in Munich as Frank Erhard Hübener, Paco grew up in ten different regions of Germany, experiencing his “charming, crazy mishap of a country” in its full beautiful regional variety. Lovely, crazy people with weird habits who all without exception thought that they were perfectly normal and everybody else in the world was nuts.

After an exchange year in Salisbury, North Carolina at age 17, there was no holding Paco in Germany anymore. He lived in Italy for a while, visited the States again, wrote an award-winning post-grad thesis on cultural transfer and identity, and finally, inspired by globetrotting cult writer Jack Kerouac, held his thumb out and hitchhiked into the world, armed only with books, pen and paper, and unending amounts of curiosity.

Ever since, Paco has lived a very international life, living in Italy, Spain, England, the USA, Australia, and traveling many more.

In 2002 in Valencia/Spain his neighbors, unable to pronounce his über-German name, nicknamed him Paco. Ever since, he proudly carries the name Paco Erhard as a symbol for his life between cultures.

In 2004 he started taking the stage on the Spanish island of Tenerife as a comedy MC and host for British audiences. Following a  move to London,  he grew into the critically acclaimed, globally touring comedian he is today.

He has appeared on TV and radio in England, Scotland, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Germany 
written on Europe and Germany for the Irish Times.

Paco says: “I love making people laugh; but even more I love bringing them closer together, wherever they are from… watching their eyes light up with that inspiration of “Oh!! Now I understand!!”

Whether it be comedy that explains and bridges the divide between German and Anglo-Saxon culture, cultural comedy tailored to your international event, multilingual event hosting in German, English, and Spanish, or his full famous 5-Step Guide to Being German, Paco Erhard will make your international event special.


Get in touch – at German Comedy International we’re happy to help you with any further information you like.

Or just let us know about your event and what you need and we’ll send you a customized no-obligation proposal of what we and Paco can do for you.

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