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Paco Erhard – award laurels



... by not taking its own too seriously.

Connecting Cultures
I Can Make You German: Humor that 
transforms how people see Germany. And you.

If you're an organization out to win hearts and minds for Germany, Paco Erhard's I Can Make You German will transform the way people see you and "the Germans".

With Paco Erhard, Germany can now present itself with the humor, honesty, and charm the world has been hoping for for a long time. And within the laughs, he gives captivating insight into just why we Germans are the way we are.

I Can Make You German presents a Germany that is astoundingly fun, hilarious, and exciting. Belly laughs meet lightbulb moments for an hour straight.


A stand-up pro!"

"Paco Erhard certainly takes down the stereotype of the 'humorless German'.



Video coming soon
(scroll down for other videos)

Precision-engineered for cultural institutions:
Sells out, inspires, and attracts new members 

I Can Make You German helps sell out your event, gets your whole city excited, brings your community together, makes even your goth nephew laugh (he'll hate it), and has people's eyes shine for years to come when they remember Paco's jokes at your event. And it leaves people knowing the real, modern Germany behind the scenes – Deutschland like they've never seen it before.

The result: delighted guests, rave reviews, a city that loves you, and a real bond of affection between cultures. Which isn't always the effect we Germans have when we go places.


"Valuable insights into the German psyche and absolutely hilarious!

Arpad Sölter

Director Goethe Institut Australia

WE were so Happy!"

Belly laughs that create togetherness.
And Deutschland facts that wow even Germans

Nothing connects people like laughing together. Pair this with real insights about each other and why we are the way we are, and you have an evening that inspires forever.

Experience hysterical dilemmas on the Autobahn. Learn why 89% of Germans laugh at lederhosen, and bier steins don’t exist. Get how "German humorlessness" is both true and not true at all. The ancient trauma that makes Germans love rules and planning quite so much. How we Germans aren't blunt or rude — we just value honesty more highly than other people's feelings. But also: the deeply entwined history of Germans and Americans.

Understand Germany better. Understand your Oma Hilda better. Understand yourself better. And laugh your socks off in the process.

The old  🇩🇪/🇺🇸 communication disconnect:





"Who are you???"

"You have to come to dinner sometime!"

Stands on 🇺🇸's door step at 7pm expectantly,

holding a bottle of wine and home-made potato salad.

Angrily downs wine, pelts house with potato salad yelling "🇺🇸s are so superficial!", stomps home.


"Oh that guy, from earlier. Yeah, he seemed nice..."

or get all your questions answered

Vue Weekly_edited_edited_edited_edited_e

"He keeps the room in stitches,

whether you're German or not.

Vue Weekly Magazine






"Paco Erhard made our event great, fun, and special.  We even collected a Best of Thank-You emails."

Tina Vissem, Head of Public Relations

German-Australian Chamber of Commerce

Dt.-Aust. AHK.png

Helps German organizations abroad

win hearts and minds

"Thank you for an awesome show! Paco's show made me a heroine at the DANK Haus and brought in lots of new faces. We really lucked out with Paco!

Barbara Ely, DANK HAUS (Deutsch-Amerikanischer Nationalkongress)

German-American Cultural Organization, Chicago

Dank Haus transp.png

Helps German heritage clubs stand

out and win younger members

"Paco Erhard established a great connection between our international guests. Just the right touch of humor and professionalism."

Klaus Lohmann, Director UK & Ireland,

German National Tourist Board

DZT logo.png
EU flag 2.jpeg

Helps European institutions

further Europe's emotional union

"Comedy gold. Paco Erhard has spent long periods of time around the world, allowing him to draw on a rich tapestry of experiences."

NZ Herald Logo.png
multiracial hands_edited.jpg

Helps international non-profits

spread cross-cultural understanding


Captivating insight OF the GERMAN PSYCHE.


Marlene Sanau

General Manager, Lufthansa Australia

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