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About Paco

Paco Erhard

The world's comedy expert on Germany...

Selling out theaters, festivals and conferences since 2011, Paco is the world's comedy expert on Germany and the German psyche.


For over 10 years, he has won awards, critical acclaim, and most importantly audiences' hearts with his smart, culturally savvy stand-up, making tens of thousands of people from Vancouver to Sydney fall in love with his "charming, crazy mishap of a country".

... and Germany's global comedian.

Paco Erhard is Germany's global comedian: a staple performer at the biggest comedy festivals around the world.


Born Frank Erhard Hübener in Munich, Paco grew up in eight different regions of Germany, experiencing his country's vast variety of regional cultures from an early age. He is the great-grandson of the first Minister-President of the German State of Saxony-Anhalt — post-war, thank goodness, appointed by the Americans.

In 2001, Paco hitchhiked out of his native Germany, travelled the world for 14 years, and started doing comedy in English, Spanish, and German. One day in Valencia/Spain, his neighbor Amparo was fed up with his stupid, unpronounceable name "Erhard" and decreed that his name was Paco now, effective immediately. And that was that.

Paco has appeared on BBC, ABC, ARD, RTE, and many other TV & radio stations in Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Ireland, and Germany. He has written an award-winning academic paper on cultural identity, and he has written about Europe and Germany for the Irish Times.


Paco's corporate comedy has helped clients such as BMW, UNESCO World Heritage, Mensa, Ford, the Goethe Institute, the Festival of German Film, or the German-Australian Chamber of Commerce, boosting their image abroad and helping international teams work together better.


He is based in New York.

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